Amanda Perez

Nuun Hydration

Nuun is a popular brand with athletes, but not well known beyond the sport and fitness space. To help the company expand into a larger market, our team needed to create a new brand style and supporting designed deliverables to appeal to a broader “healthy lifestyle” audience without alienating Nuun’s core fanbase.

As art director, I oversaw our brand evolution through new lifestyle and product photo shoots, campaigns, paid media, brand partnerships, and in-house asset creation. Using carefully selected lighting, styling, locations, and talent, we created a vibrant suite of marketing and brand deliverables to introduce Nuun to a new audience and launch a new product, Nuun Daily Hydration.

Throughout the process, I worked to build a bridge from our heritage, athletic-focused assets to a more commercial approach showcasing delicious hydration for an active lifestyle. We were able to seamlessly transition from an electrolyte supplement for athletes to a hydration brand for everyone — while remaining true to the heart and soul of Nuun.


Art | Creative Direction


Alana Espineli
Ray Dotterer
Frances Anderooij
Olivia Tinney
Felicia LeRoy

Creative Direction

Josh Bell


Brynn Reilly
Maddie Sjolund


Jon Premosh
Katheryn Moran
Nicolle Clemetson


Caitlin Pitt
Olivia Tinney


Melissa Rame