Amanda Perez

Nordstrom Lingerie

Nordstrom Lingerie is a line of women’s lingerie and lingerie accessories designed for those tricky necklines or daringly low backs. Because of the varying nature of these items, the packaging system was quite robust. Keeping on brand with the existing Nordstrom Lingerie brand look and feel, I was tasked with developing a system that would condense the volume of structural shapes and sizes of packaging, while considering how the design could lend itself to further product extension.

After much market research, I worked to develop concepts and designs that would be uniquely ‘Nordstrom Lingerie’ as well as successful structurally and visually.

Structurally, I decided that the design would benefit from a more elevated feel, achieved with the use of a durable soft-touch substrate allowing for visibility to the somewhat confusing products. I developed a matrix to help determine which products should have primary display panel visibility, and which would be better represented by a photo with another means of visibility elsewhere on the package. Pose and photo style became important discussion points and key aspects of the design.

The direction was that a model wearing the garment should appear in her element, as if getting ready for a special evening. The photos were shot with soft lighting, on a warm, neutral background that would flood the entire front panel of the package.

The design system and overall volume was perfectly succinct, elevated, and delivered to the Nordstrom Lingerie brand standards. Today, you will find these beautiful packages soaking up the prime real estate, upfront, near the lingerie registers.


Graphic Designer